Virtual tours 360° and Drones represent a great marketing tool for the tourism industry, which has always been one of the quickest to adopt new technologies.

The ability to produce innovative and affordable aerial videos and photographs has been one of the primary reasons drones have created a stir in this industry.

As Skift (the largest industry intelligence and marketing platform in travel) puts it in their report Content Marketing Trends in the Travel Industry: “Visuals are the new language of the digital era”. And videos are, simply, the most compelling and engaging visual form.

Google confirmed in their Travel Content Takes Off on YouTube study in 2014: the online consumption of travel videos is hugely increasing. Travel videos attract and engage consumers more than text and stills and travel videos sell more than any other type of content.

Hospitality and travel marketers know this. Thanks to drones, they can now provide their target audience with innovative video content, showing a unique view of a resort, a tourist attraction or a destination.

In Forbes, Peter Himler talks about drones and travel marketing: “The advent of drones makes the once-prohibitively expensive task of aerial videography much more feasible for a much broader swath of destinations and attractions”.

And the result, in the words of Rafat Ali, founder of Skift, is that “drone videos are a new arsenal that travel marketers should be looking at seriously now, while the novelty wow factor lasts“.